Kingdom as Hope
God’s people will live on a restored earth forever. Through his Messiah, God will heal the world and bring it back to its original glory. What God wanted in the beginning he will get in the end. He did not create us to inhabit heaven but paradise on earth.

Kingdom as Gospel
The message John, Jesus, and the apostles preached all included a call to repentance in light of the coming kingdom. Though Christ’s death and resurrection are undoubtedly important parts of the gospel, they are not the whole. The gospel of the kingdom both challenges and woos the unbeliever to turn his or her whole life around and receive the forgiveness God desperately wants to give them.

Kingdom as Way
Before God redeems the whole world, he redeems individuals who can then testify to God’s goodness and the wholeness available today in anticipation of the kingdom to come. Already we center our lives on the kingdom ethics Jesus taught as witnesses to the radical love that will one day permeate the whole world.

  • Apocalyptic Dualism and It’s Implications for Christian Ethics by Dustin Smith

Kingdom Lost
Sadly, some Christians began fighting against a terrestrial hope in an effort to fit in with the philosophical and scientific knowledge of their day. The kingdom was lost. Find out what happened and why.

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