Join Pastor Victor Gluckin as he explains what the kingdom of God is and how it relates to you. If you are not familiar with the kingdom idea, this is a simple and clear introduction to the subject.

Part 1

The story of the Kingdom of God is pretty simple. What God originally intended in the beginning, he will get in the end. A look at the first three chapters of Genesis and the last three chapters of Revelation show this story in a beautiful and simple way. Part 1 in our Kingdom Story series.

Part 2

God’s plan is to restore what he originally intended in the beginning in the end. His original plan was to have man on the earth, with authority over the earth, in perfect relationship with Him. Certainly that is not the current state of the world. In part 2 of our Kingdom Story series, we will see how God take us from Eden to Paradise.

Part 3

We know that God’s plan is to restore the earth and bring about his kingdom. But what exactly will the kingdom of God be like? God shows us in amazing detail what that time will be like through the visions he gave to his prophets. Looking at these pictures through the book of Isaiah, we will see that God’s kingdom is the time when everything wrong with the world will be made right. Peace, healing, justice, judgment and restoration all flourish in this day. Part 3 of our Kingdom Story series.

Part 4

When we arrive at the New Testament we see the Kingdom Story progress through the ministry of Jesus. From the gospels we learn that in addition to the kingdom of God being our hope, it is also the theme of the gospel message itself. Jesus preached the news of the coming kingdom as the gospel. It was included in his teaching on living and it was even the backdrop to his death on the cross. Part 4 of our Kingdom Story series.

Part 5

The Kingdom of God is the future time when everything that is wrong with the world will be made right. It is the great hope of the Christian and the theme of Jesus’ gospel message. But there are some elements of the future Kingdom that are experienced by the people of God now. The followers of King Jesus can enjoy a foretaste of the Kingdom as the power of the age to come splashes over to this age in part.

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